Welcome to Nisi’s Corner!

I have been told that happy teachers can change the world. But not just teachers. If we know how to cultivate true happiness within ourselves, we can create more happiness in our families, our communities, our society, and the world.

So what is happiness? The happiness I know and try to grow is much more than the happiness I feel when I eat an ice cream cone, buy a new car, or get a dream job. These things come and go. They may be here today and gone tomorrow. Happiness for me is a sense of stability, calm, and peace, and the ability more and more to let go of my grasping for things I want, turning away from situations I don’t want, or rejecting people because I don’t like them. Real happiness helps me to be more accepting and to love more deeply. Happiness is a practice. As Thich Nhat Hanh  has said, “There is no way to happiness–happiness is the way.”

On this site, I explore many paths to happiness. I invite you to join me!

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