welcome to nisi’s corner _()_

In 2018 i wrote, “I have been told that happy teachers can change the world. But not just teachers. If we know how to cultivate true happiness within ourselves, we can create more happiness in our families, our communities, our society, and the world.” I said that on this site I wanted to explore many paths to happiness and invited you to join me.

Now it’s August 2022. For many, many months i have been trying to understand how to rework this blogging website to provide myself with space to speak about what is happening these days. For sure there is happiness and joy, stability and calm. But in the midst of real life happening, there is also sadness, despair, confusion, angst, anger, fear, loss. Sometimes it feels i am caught in a whorl with nowhere to turn. is/isn’t this the way of human existence? welcoming you to this space as it flows through the never-ending present moment is to welcome you into one person’s particular path through their human experience.

Sometimes it can feel lonely on this dusty road. I invite you to share your thoughts and comments to any of my posts, as you wish, so I don’t become a mere echo chamber of what goes on in my mind. In gratitude _()_

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