you are the Buddha to me

When I was at Plum Village in June I bought this teacup at the Lower Hamlet bookstore. The engraving, “you are the Buddha to me,” has been part of my early morning meditation routine which includes coffee meditation (necessary!), sitting meditation, outdoor walking meditation through the quiet neighborhoods around my home, watering plants, preparing breakfast, and eating mindfully.

One of the themes of our winter retreat this year was that everyone has buddha nature, everyone has the light of God within, everyone can become a Buddha one day. This is one of the most amazing teachings from the Lotus Sutra. If we look at ourselves and others with the eyes of awareness, we can see how this is true. And drinking tea out of this teacup every morning encourages me to remember this as I go through the day. Can I more often offer gratitude to each person and situation I encounter? Can I greet difficulties with a mind of goodwill? With this attitude, I am more peaceful, calm and happy.

Today I bow to you in gratitude _()_   I am remembering, “You are the Buddha to me” 🙂


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